“I don't have time to deal

                     with press checks.”

Dennis McKnew

   CEO Big Minnow


Through outstanding printing, we have the opportunity to elevate, motivate and accelerate great outcomes.


Never before have we had so much technology that can be leveraged into this old art. Compounding the opportunity today is the fundamental differentiation by simply producing a superior printed communication. Let’s face it, a lot of companies have rationalized the “just make a PDF” approach. While that clearly represents some short-term savings, it also guarantees a complete lack of differentiation – you end up looking like anyone else who
finds refuge in cutting corners.

The missed opportunity to separate from the crowd is enormous, and now easily avoidable.


The channelPrint vision is to unite your communication needs with the appropriate methods and technologies to reach the potential of each and every project. And in the process, build a relationship of trusted delegation of this critical agenda.


We’re passionate about what we do, and we look forward to the opportunity and honor of serving your needs.


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